Bulk School Supply Program Information


What is a bulk purchasing program?

Bulk purchasing programs have been developed at a few D65 schools as an alternative to the typical process of acquiring school supplies that families go through each year. With a bulk purchasing program, supplies are ordered in “bulk” to be used as communal classroom supplies, rather than having individual families purchase supplies from retail stores. Families opt-in to contribute each year — at a much lower cost than buying supplies at retail price — and teachers order exactly what they need to outfit their classroom for the entire year using the money that is collected.

What are the benefits?

1) Convenience:
Supplies are shipped directly to the school and teachers have time to organize their classroom before the first day of school. Additionally, teachers have more control over the supplies coming into the classroom in terms of quantity and quality.
Families do not have to go out to buy supplies.

2) Equity:
Every student has all of the supplies needed for the entire school year, and all students receive the same supplies.  Savings from buying in bulk allow for a tiered payment system in which low income families can pay a reduced price and families who cannot contribute at all can potentially still be covered.

3) Cost-Savings:
Families typically pay significantly less than they would if supplies were purchased at retail price.  Savings accumulate year after year as non-perishable items like scissors, rulers, and calculators do not need to be re-ordered.

4) Environmentally Friendly:
Ordering in bulk reduces the amount of packaging used each year.
Families often have to buy extra supplies based on how items are sold at retail. This eliminates unneeded supplies that go to waste.

How much does it cost to participate?

The supply cost per student ($45 standard/$25 reduced) will cover the total cost of supplies ordered.  Buying school supplies might be a challenge even for families that do not qualify for free or reduced lunch. We encourage families who are able, to consider making a donation to help others.

Is this program optional?

Families are not required to participate. If you do not want to participate, we need to know as soon as possible as it impacts our ordering and teacher supply budgets. If you do not wish to participate in this program, please return the form with the “I do not wish to participate” box checked off.


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