What is the Orrington PTA?

Orrington PTA is made up of the families of children at Orrington Elementary School and members of staff, who come together to form a community and support each other, the students, teachers and wider district community. We strive to make everyone’s experience of life at Orrington a more enjoyable and successful one.


How can I become an official member?

In order to have voting rights or serve as a member of the Executive Board, you must become a member of the PTA each year. The best time to do this is during our annual PTA membership drive. If you would like to be a part of the PTA but do not feel able to make a financial contribution, please contact us at info@orringtonpta.org and we can arrange for you to become a member.


What exactly does a PTA do?

The Orrington PTA is part of a wider, national PTA organization that reminds our country of its obligations to children and provides parents and families with a powerful voice to speak on behalf of every child.

On a local level, the Orrington PTA strives to connect our school with other area schools and works to advocate for the needs of our families and children in our District. We also hope to be a positive, community-building force within our own school community. It is our mission to welcome and support all families, help build partnerships between families and school, and support and enhance the work and vision of the Principal and teachers at Orrington. We also seek to offer a connection between families and the school.


What kinds of things does the Orrington PTA do?

We organize and fund a number of free community building events such as the Ice Cream Social, Kindergarten Pizza at the Beach, the Fun Run and Talent Show. We also work to support families within our community by offering, for example, PTA scholarship assistance for after school clubs and Camp Timberlee. We have created a PTA Family Support Fund designed to support needs in our community, identified by the Principal, the school social worker, teachers or other individuals or groups.


The PTA also pays for vital curriculum enrichment experiences, materials, initiatives and equipment that are not within the scope of the District 65 budget. While we, or any other District 65 PTA, are unable to make capital improvements to our school, we help support and enhance the learning in our school in many ways. The Orrington PTA funds curriculum enrichment at every grade level at Orrington.

PTA CommUNITY Programs

ESCCA:  Evanston School Children’s Clothing Association provides clothing for District 65 students in need.   It is an all-volunteer network that accepts clothing donations as well as help organizing the ESCCA store. https://www.escca.org/

5th Grade Service Team:  The service team helps coordinate the 5th grade service project. Last year, for example, the 5th Graders organized a sponsored event to raise money to go towards Park School’s new playground. The students created posters, designed activities and helped supervise the other students whilst they took part in the event.

Teacher Appreciation:  During teacher appreciation week the PTA treats the teachers to meals and other surprises to show our teachers how grateful we are for everything they do.

Room Representatives:  Every classroom needs several room representatives to help the teachers with classroom events, and help the PTA and school communicate with each class about important school news and events.

ESL:  Orrington is one of the Evanston schools that has an English as Second Language Program and the EL coordinator helps to build a sense of community and assist EL families with any questions or help they need. All EL families are invited to join in regular meetings to connect with other EL families, discuss important issues that impact EL families and their children, and share ideas of ways that the school and the community can better support them in the future.

Spiritwear:  The PTA designs and sells Orrington clothing for students and grown-ups alike – including t-shirts, pajamas, sweatshirts and magnets. These items are available for purchase at various points throughout the school year. If you would like assistance with getting spirit wear for your child, please contact your child’s teacher or Ms. Lloyd.