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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pre-order school supplies?

Option 1: Paper forms, no tax:
1. Fill out the order form that was sent home with your child. If you have more than one child, you need to complete a form for EACH child, even if they are twins. (This prevents mistakes in ordering.) Spell the child’s name the way you would like it spelled on labels.
2. Write a check to Orrington PTA. (Cash payment can also be accepted) The kit prices vary by grade level, so please be sure to enclose the correct amount.
3. Return the form with payment NO LATER THAN FRIDAY APRIL 19.
Option 2: Online ordering:
1. Follow the directions on the printed order form and order direct via credit card payment.
2. You will be charged Illinois sales tax.
3. You will have until FRIDAY APRIL 26 to complete online ordering.

Why did my 2nd grader receive a 3rd grade order form?

You should have received a form for the grade your child will be in NEXT school year.

When will I receive my supplies?

SchoolKidz will deliver kits of supplies directly to Orrington in August. PTA volunteers will bring kits directly to your child’s classroom. If you would like to help on distribution day, you will be welcome!

If I purchase a kit, do I need to bring anything on the first day of school?

Just a backpack and gym shoes. The SchoolKidz kits match the list of supplies that teachers have requested, including paper towels & tissues. You will be free to enjoy your trip to school without carrying anything!

Will my child be disappointed if I do not buy a kit?

Not likely. School supplies were chosen from the most basic/boring colors and styles—no sparkles or licensed characters on the folders, notebooks, etc. The “kit” is a cardboard box.

Can I order a kit for my incoming kindergartener?

Yes. Order forms are on the front counter at Orrington, or you may order online.

Can I purchase the items listed at the bottom of the order form?

No. Backpacks, water bottles, and lunch bags will not be ordered via PTA sales. But,
you can purchase directly online at


Will the PTA have kits to sell if I decide to purchase a kit next summer?

No. The order is placed in April, and it cannot be adjusted after this time. The PTA does not have adequate storage to buy kits for purchase at a later date.