Matt Pavich & Anna Henerey, Co-Presidents

Partner with Executive Committee team to oversee all operations of the PTA, act as liaison with school principal and administration, lead PTA meetings and help manage the budget.

Mark Witte & Stacey Burke, Co-Treasurers

Manage the PTA budget, partner with the accountant, distribute reimbursement and expense checks.

Trish Cleary & Cassie Kisiel, Recording Secretaries

Attend all PTA and Executive Committee meetings to record notes and distribute as needed.

Tracy Cassidy , VP Curriculum Support

Oversee curriculum support programs including Grade-Level Enrichment, Fluency Tutoring, Book Nook, Community Garden and Battle of the Books.

Sinia Kinra & Jenny York, VPs Clubs

Partner with Right at School to organize before-school and after-school clubs activities.

Allison Hackney & Lori Hilbrant, VPs CommUNITY

Oversee community outreach efforts including Kindergarten and 5th Grade Transition, New Family Outreach, ESL, Special Needs Committee, COPE, ESCCA, Room Reps, School Supplies and Service Team.

Lynn Ryan & Katie Brourman, VPs Fundraising

Oversee PTA fundraising efforts including the annual Evening for the Arts.

Kiera Kelly, VP Communications

Manage website communication and support Orator, Yearbook and Directory teams.

Kathleen McBride & Molly Fouts, VPs Events

Provide high-level oversight of all PTA-sponsored events, supporting the event chairs as needed.